Table 7

Analysis of final model of survival of MDRTB

Variableχ2Risk ratio95% CI
†Indicates treatment with three drugs to which the bacterium is susceptible on in vitro testing; Other variables indicate whether there was concomitant resistance to pyrazinamide (PYRAZ), ethambutol (ETHAM), the number of drugs the infecting organism was resistant to (DRUGS), age in 10 year units (AGEX), and culture within 30 days (DAYSC).
SEX0.15890.3860.1029 to 1.4507
IMMUNO0.02258.6661.3551 to 55.4122
HIV0.59431.5550.3061 to 7.9019
DRUGS3†0.00010.0560.0138 to 0.2261
PYRAZ0.45650.5580.1204 to 2.5886
ETHAM0.56320.6730.1754 to 2.5800
DRUGS0.77631.1050.5559 to 2.1951
DAYSC0.02860.2270.0601 to 0.8562
AGEX0.00362.0791.2699 to 3.4021