Table 6

Log rank test results of variables to determine those to be included in the Cox proportional hazards model

Variableχ2dfp value
DF=degrees of freedom.
*Variables to be included in the model.
Born in UK0.000310.9864
Time in UK1.404620.4954
Ethnic origin3.418930.3314
Lymph node0.120810.7281
Short of breath0.242110.6227
Chest pain0.439210.5075
Immunocompromised status*9.040710.0026
HIV status*9.465010.0021
Rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide given before MDR diagnosis0.148810.6997
4th drug given before MDR diagnosis*1.461010.2268
Radiological improvement23.579410.0001
3 negative smears7.907310.0049
1 negative culture15.824610.0001
Prior TB0.402310.5259
Appropriate 3 drugs given*18.701510.0001
Appropriate 4 drugs given0.663110.4155
Appropriate 5 drugs given0.138610.7096
Pyrazinamide resistance*2.916710.0877
Ethambutol resistance*4.206610.0403
Streptomycin resistance0.603110.4374
Cipro/oflox resistance0.209610.6471
Prothionamide resistance*2.192510.1387
Amikacin resistance*1.442910.2297
Cycloserine resistance0.034310.8530
Clarithro/azithro resistance0.698810.4032
Capreomycin resistance0.261210.6093
PAS resistance0.620610.4308
No of drugs resistant*7.505650.1857
Age group*5.352420.0688
Pulmonary status1.163110.2808
Culture produced within 30 days*1.783310.1817
ID & MDR produced within 60 days*2.080610.1492
Combination drugs given0.214810.6431