Table 4

Summary of MDRTB patient treatment

VariableData on variable known% variable knownResult (all cases), yes or resistant% result (all cases), yes or resistantData on variable missing (n=82)% variable missing (n=82)Result, yes, resistant (n=82)
Variables included in the survival analysisare marked with an asterisk; the percentage of results missing for that variable (maximum patient number = 82 in each case), and the result for each variable are given.
RIF=rifampicin; INH=isoniazid; PZA=pyrazinamide.
RIF, INH, PZA given before MDR diagnosis8088.97188.833.770
Fourth drug given before MDR diagnosis*7886.74253.978.541
Combination drugs used7381.14865.71113.446
Appropriate therapy (3 drugs)*7684.46382.978.570
Discharged from hospital8190.06580.233.762
Radiologically improved7482.24560.8911.044
3 negative smears overall6774.43450.71619.533
1 negative culture overall7178.93954.91315.938