Table 2

Clinical, microbiological, and radiological variables of patients

VariableData on variable known% variable knownResult (all cases), yes or resistant% result (all cases), yes or resistantData on variable missing (n=82)% variable missing (n=82)Result, yes, resistant (n=82)
Variables used in survival analysis are marked with an asterisk.
CXR=chest radiograph. Severe CXR> indicates bilateral or multizone disease and/or the presence of cavities.
Prior TB7886.73848.778.536
HIV positive*7987.82329.156.123
Clinical features
    Weight loss7987.86481.033.764
    Productive cough8493.36982.111.266
    Short of breath7583.34256.078.542
    Chest pain7785.62127.356.121
Pulmonary disease0073
    CXR performed8291.18097.622.479
    Abnormal CXR =TB7987.87392.444.972
    Severe CXR>7987.84860.856.147
Sputum smear positive7886.76583.367.364
Culture within 30 days*6673.35075.81720.749
ID and MDR result in 60 days*7077.85274.31214.652