Table 3

Treatment effects (fluticasone propionate v placebo)

Outcome variablePoint estimate95% CIp value
FEV1=forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC=forced vital capacity; MEF25, MEF50=maximal expiratory flow at 25% and 50% of FVC; PC20=concentration provoking a fall in FEV1 of 20% or more.
FEV1 after0.2500.113 to 0.3860.0011
FEV1 before0.2180.038 to 0.3980.0202
FEV1 (% pred) after7.923.34 to 12.510.0018
FEV1 (% pred) before6.810.86 to 12.750.0269
MEF257.362.15 to 12.580.0080
MEF507.543.10 to 11.970.0020
FEV/FVC5.340.77 to 9.910.0243
log2 PC200.872–0.891 to 2.640.3143