Table 1

Cause of death and survival time from entry into the programme for the 22 non-survivors, classification as a respiratory or non-respiratory death, and whether or not the case was entered into the Cox proportional hazards analysis

Patient noSexSurvival time (years)Cause of deathRespiratory death?Survival analysis?
Reasons for exclusion from Cox analysis: *incomplete lung function data, †no CT scan data, ‡transplant patient.
1F3.32Bronchopneumonia, emphysemaYY
2M2.99Respiratory failure due to emphysemaYN*
4M2.42COPD, emphysemaYY
5M3.19Respiratory failure due to emphysemaYY
6F0.78Bronchopneumonia, underlying emphysemaYY
7M1.33Pneumonia, underlying emphysemaYY
8M0.84Pneumonia and septicaemia, emphysemaYY
9M0.77Respiratory failure due to emphysemaYY
11F4.02Viral pneumonia following lung transplantNN‡
12M2.45Massive pulmonary embolusNY
13F1.53Metastatic adenocarcinoma of lungNY
14M3.37DIC following lung transplantNN‡
15M2.67Sepsis, liver failure following lung transplantNN‡
17F0.34Respiratory failure due to pulmonary embolusNY
18M1.61Haemorrhage following liver transplantNN*‡
19M2.06Cerebrovascular accidentNN†
20M0.12Variceal bleed due to liver failureNN†
21M0.72Brain metastasis from unknown primaryNY
22M1.15Cerebral vasculitisNY