Table 4

Median survival by diagnostic category

Diagnostic categoryMedian (95% CI) survival (years)No (%) of patientsDeaths (n)
UIP=usual interstitial pneumonia; NSIP=non-specific interstitial pneumonia; HRCT=high resolution computed tomography; NA=not available.
Histological diagnoses
    Histological UIP3.98 (2.71 to 5.81)73 (76)34
    Histological NSIP>9 years (NA)23 (24)2
HRCT diagnoses
    HRCT definite/probable UIP2.08 (1.30 to 3.98)27 (28)17
    HRCT indeterminate5.76 (4.03 to NA)25 (26)9
    HRCT definite/probable NSIP5.81 (5.81 to NA)44 (46)10
Histological pattern and HRCT diagnoses
    Histological UIP and HRCT definite/probable UIP2.08 (1.30 to 3.98)27 (28)17
    Histological UIP and HRCT indeterminate or definite/probable NSIP5.76 (4.03 to NA)46 (48)17
    Histological NSIP and HRCT definite/probable NSIP>9 years (NA)18 (19)2
    Histological NSIP and HRCT indeterminate>6.6 years (NA)5 (5)0