Table 1

Demographic characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis

CountryTotal no subjectsDefinition of BCGSkin test antigens usedSkin test results
USA31,41,4212879History, records5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
Canada18,20,23,25,32,377790History, records, scars5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
Philippines402439Scars5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
Saudi Arabia28,30,3411272History, scars5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
Soloman Island193610Records5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
South America32368Scars5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
Spain355559History, scars5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
Turkey293548Scars5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
United Arab Emirates38785Records5TU PPDCut off 10 mm
Australia21,231668History, records5TU PPDDiscrete values
Chile26208Scars2TU RT23Cut off 10 mm
Ethiopia3626269Scars2TU RT23Cut off 10 mm
Kenya4340365Scars2TU RT23Cut off 10 mm
Pakistan394120Scars2TU RT23Discrete values
South Algeria273283Scars2TU RT23Discrete values
Zimbabwe222023Scars1TU RT23Discrete values