Table 1

Demographic data of 11 patients describing the clinical problem, location of lesions targeted by EBUS-FNA, and treatment

PatientLocation of lesion targetedCytology resultsTreatment
Unknown hilar lesion, suspicion of recurrent renal cancer10LClear cell carcinomaChemotherapy
Unknown mediastinal mass10LSquamous cell carcinomaExplorative surgery (inoperable oesophageal cancer)
Right sided lung cancer10RNSCLCChemotherapy
Right sided lung cancer10RBenignChemotherapy
Recurrent lung cancer10LNSCLCChemotherapy
Unknown right sided mediastinal lesion4RCarcinomaPneumonectomy
Right sided lung cancer10RNSCLCChemotherapy
Unknown mediastinal lesion10LBenignMastectomy
Right sided lung cancer10LSCLCChemotherapy
Cava superior syndrome (unknown nature)2RAdenocarcinomaChemotherapy
Left sided lung cancer1CarcinomaChemotherapy