Table 4

Results of economic analysis

Nurse led arm (n=80)Doctor led arm (n=80)
ResourceMean no per patientMean cost per patientMean no per patientMean cost per patientDifference
*Sensitivity analysis estimates ranged from £169 to £199.
†Six patients did not cross over to nurse practitioner led care at 12 months because of clinical instability.
‡95% CI non-parametric bootstrap bias corrected method; 5000 replicates.
Nurse led clinics4.61£1800£0£180*
Doctor led clinics0.45†£254.48£217−£192
Other tests24.58£26018.94£222£37
Antibiotics (iv)23 days£87916 days£523£356
Antibiotics (oral)222 days£684201 days£524£161
Bronchodilators461 days£213435 days£193£20
Corticosteroids238 days£278219 days£258£20
Other drugs212 days£180190 days£155£25
Inpatient6.46 days£13382.36 days£477£861
Day case0.11£430.05£16£27
GP visits1.11£201.4£26−£6
Total£4208£2711£1497 (95% CI £688 to £2674)‡