Table 1

Sources for NHS resources use

NHS resourceUnit cost (1999)Source
*Involving 93 hours of training annuitised over 25 years.
†Assuming the same ongoing training costs as a specialist registrar.
‡Assuming same overheads as consultant.
§Including an annuitised component for the fixed costs of training and supervision.
Fixed costs
Training programme£484 pa*Netten & Curtis17
Supervision£2715 pa†Netten & Curtis17
Per patient costs
Consultant led clinic£110 per hourNetten & Curtis17
Specialist registrar led clinic£72 per hour‡Netten & Curtis17
Nurse led clinic£51 per hour‡§Netten & Curtis17
DrugsCost per itemDuncan20
InvestigationsCost per itemPapworth Hospital
Ward stay (hotel cost per day)Papworth Hospital
    Medical ward£206
    Intensive care unit£645
    Surgical ward£267
    Medical day case£385
    Surgery day case£290
    Sleep support centre£288
    Other hospitalCost per itemNHSE19
GP visits
    Home£45Netten & Curtis17