Table 4

Overview of results and set up of controlled mattress cover studies

Study set upParameters
AuthorNo of patientsAgeDesignDuration (weeks)CarpetAcaricideDer p 1PC20 histamineSymptomsPeak flowMedication
open c=open controlled; pl c=placebo controlled; r c=randomised controlled; r db pl=randomised double blind placebo controlled; r sb pl=randomized single blind placebo controlled; ND=not done; +=significant change; –=not significant change.
Sarsfield2814Childrenopen c52+ND+NDND
Murray2620Childrenpl c4++NDND
Walshaw2950Adultspl c52++++NDND
Gillies2324Childrenopen c12+NDND
Ehnert824Childrenopen c52++++NDNDND
Marks2235Adultsr c26++ND
Weeks2056Childrenr db pl24+++NDNDNDND
Carswell1970Childrenr db pl24+++NDND
van der Heide959Adultsopen c52++++NDNDND
Frederick1031Childrenr sb pl12++
van der Heide945Adultsopen c26++NDNDND
Cloosterman1429Adultsr sb pl6++NDND+ND
Sporik2185Childrenopen c78++NDNDNDND
Cloosterman11157Adultsr db pl20+++ND