Table 4

Factor analysis of Attitudes and Beliefs about Asthma questionnaire for cases (SLTA), matched hospital controls, and community comparison group

FactorsCases (SLTA)Matched hospital controlCommunity comparison group
For emotional adjustment and stigma a more negative score indicates greater emotional maladjustment and greater stigmatisation, respectively. For doctor-patient relationship and self-efficiency a more positive score indicates a better doctor-patient relationship and greater self-efficiency, respectively.
Emotional (Mal) adjustment–28.9 (7.0)–27.6 (7.5)–18.7 (6.5)
Doctor-patient relationship13.2 (3.9)13.4 (4.4)14.6 (3.8)
Stigma–2.9 (2.8)–2.8 (2.6)–2.9 (2.6)
Self-efficacy8.03 (2.1)7.8 (2.3)8.5 (2.0)