Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients treated by paediatrician or asthma nurse*

Paediatrician (n=37)Asthma nurse (n=37)
BDR=bronchodilator response (change in FEV1%pred after bronchodilator); ICS=inhaled corticosteroids; QOL=quality of life.
*Results are presented as mean (SD) unless otherwise specified.
†Parent or sibling diagnosed with asthma.
‡Patients ⩾5 years of age performed lung function measurements (n=24 in paediatrician group, n=19 in asthma nurse group).
§Mean daily dose of all patients (fluticasone equivalent).
¶Disease specific quality of life of caregivers
**Disease specific quality of life of children ⩾7 years of age.
Age (years)6.8 (3.5)5.9 (3.6)
Sex (boys/girls)22/1525/12
% mild persistent asthma24.318.9
% moderate persistent asthma64.970.3
% severe persistent asthma10.810.8
Allergy (% positive)64.956.8
Family history of asthma (% positive)†48.640.5
ICS dose (µg/day)§204 (198)238 (233)
FEV1 (%pred)‡98.7 (11.9)96.6 (15.6)
BDR (%)7.9 (8.1)12.6 (11.3)
log10 PD20 (µg)2.1 (0.7)1.8 (0.6)
QOL (caregivers)¶5.9 (0.8)6.1 (0.7)
QOL (children)**5.0 (1.3)5.4 (1.1)
FSII score65.7 (17.2)76.5 (18.9)
RAND score19.6 (4.6)21.3 (5.4)