Table 2

Life events (total and individual) in the last year, recording of psychosocial factors in the medical record of the index attack, and previous counselling for emotional problems for cases (SLTA), matched hospital controls, and community comparison group

Cases (SLTA)Matched hospital controlsCommunity comparison group
*p<0.05 compared with cases; ***p<0.005 compared with both cases and controls.
Total life events (last year)263.9 (2.3)3.7 (2.5)2.8 (1.9)*
Certain individual life events (last year):
    Close relative or friend imprisoned14%16%2%***
    Looked for work >1 month29%24%3%***
    Death of close relative or friend27%29%22%
    Separated from partner for >1 month18%15%7%
Psychosocial factors recorded in medical record (after Rea et al5)42%36%
Previous “counselling for emotional problems”25%35%*