Table 4

Results from multiple logistic regression analysis of aspirin intolerant asthma

Explanatory factor (categories)OR95% CIp Value
*Odds ratio calculated per increasing unit. †Triggers found to be independently associated with aspirin intolerant asthma after adjustment for significantly associated demographic and asthma characteristic variables.
Asthma attacks (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, >7)*1.201.02 to 1.420.033
Atopy (yes v no)2.801.38 to 5.700.004
Nasal polyps (yes v no)3.391.57 to 7.290.002
Wine sensitivity† (yes v no)2.201.02 to 4.720.043
Sulfite sensitivity† (yes v no)2.280.96 to 5.350.059