Table 3

Characteristics of respondents reporting asthmatic reactions to aspirin in the Asthma Foundation cohort

Aspirin intolerant asthma
CharacteristicNoYes*OR95% CI†p Value‡
*Based on reported asthmatic responses to aspirin and/or NSAIDs on at least two occasions. †Confidence intervals calculated using the approximation of Woolfe. ‡Two tailed significance level based on Fisher's exact test. §Missing data reflect individuals who did not complete question (or questions) relating to parameter.
Age (years)
    >35252260.650.31 to 1.360.315
    Female235311.750.75 to 4.120.249
Asthma severity scale§
    Mild to moderate246221.00
    Severe to very severe70152.401.18 to 4.860.023
Asthma attacks
    ≥2109212.481.26 to 4.900.011
Doctor visits§
    ≥2185282.271.04 to 4.970.050
Self-classification severity§
    Mild to moderate267261.00
    Severe to very severe55122.241.07 to 4.710.045
Alternative health consultation3551.320.48 to 3.610.578
Taking oral corticosteroids4381.770.76 to 4.110.213
Atopic112232.961.48 to 5.890.002
Hayfever256342.390.82 to 6.960.138
Nasal polyps46133.191.52 to 6.680.004
Exercise/cold air asthma251321.640.66 to 4.060.412
Seasonal asthma203271.510.72 to 3.160.293
Wine induced asthma90213.271.65 to 6.470.001
Sulphite induced asthma38133.971.87 to 8.410.001