Table 1

Results of initial assessment

Screening resultRecommendation
*Additional risk factors: hypercapnia; FEV1 <50% predicted; lung cancer; restrictive lung disease involving the parenchyma (fibrosis,) chest wall (kyphoscoliosis) or respiratory muscles; ventilator support; cerebrovascular or cardiac disease; within 6 weeks of discharge for an exacerbation of chronic lung or cardiac disease.
Sea level Spo2 >95%Oxygen not required [B]
Sea level Spo2 92–95% and no risk factor*Oxygen not required [C]
Sea level Spo2 92–95% and additional risk factor*Perform hypoxic challenge test with arterial or capillary measurements [B]
Sea level Spo2 <92%In-flight oxygen [B]
Receiving supplemental oxygen at sea levelIncrease the flow while at cruising altitude [B]