Table 1

Summary of the paediatric group

Patient noSexAge (years)Underlying diseaseInterval to plication (days)Interval to extubation (days)OutcomeCause of death
VSD=ventricular septal defect; CHF=congestive heart failure; RS=respiratory sepsis; MOF=multiorgan failure.
1M0.50Transposition of great arteries152Died, 2 hoursCHF
2M0.40Hypoplastic right ventricle52Died day 51CHF, RS, MOF
3F0.10Hypoplastic right ventricle16Died day 25CHF, RS, MOF
5F5.00Lipoma of the cervical spine130140Discharged
6F0.20Transposition of great arteries218Discharged
7M1.00Double outlet right ventricle142Discharged
8M3.00Tetralogy of Fallot353Discharged
9M0.10Transposition of great arteries362Discharged
10M0.05Interruption of aortic arch114Discharged