Table 4

Haplotype frequencies determined from the data in table 3 using the Estimated Haplotype program to estimate the haplotype combinations of the double, triple and quadruple heterozygous genotypes, both with and without association

–367 (T/C)–47 (C/T)Arg16→GlyGln27→GluWith associationWithout association
Logn (l) χ2 statistic = 249.08, df = 11 (p = 0.00008) suggests strong linkage disequilibrium across these loci. Four haplotypes did not occur with association.
CC (Arg19)Gly16Glu270.320.06
TT (Cys19)Arg16Gln270.260.05
TT (Cys19)Gly16Gln270.160.12
TT (Cys19)Gly16Glu270.130.13
TC (Arg19)Gly16Glu270.0360.091
CC (Arg19)Arg16Gln270.0290.023
CT (Cys19)Gly16Glu270.0220.079
TC (Arg19)Gly16Gln270.0170.089
TT (Cys19)Arg16Glu270.0070.058
TC (Arg19)Arg16Gln270.0070.038
CT (Cys19)Gly16Gln270.0070.075
CC (Arg19)Gly16Gln270.000060.052