Table 2

Prevalence of depression in patients with COPD compared with controls

nCES-D ≥16Adjusted OR (95% CI)
CES-D=Centers for Epidemiologic Studies Depression scale.
Univariate results and results adjusted for sex, age, education, health insurance, living situation, and comorbidity (logistic regression analysis).
COPD (whole group)16235 (21.6%)1.5 (0.8 to 2.6)
Severe COPD (FEV1 <50% predicted)6015 (25.0%)2.5 (1.2 to 5.4)
Mild to moderate COPD (FEV1 50–80% predicted)10220 (19.6%)1.1 (0.5 to 2.1)
Controls35963 (17.5%)1.0