Table 4

Correlates of annual change in bone mineral density in 114 adults with cystic fibrosis (whole group)

Annual change in BMD in:
Annual change in:Lumbar spine (QCT)Lumbar spine (DXA)Femoral neckTotal hipDistal forearm
*p<0.05; †p<0.01.
Body mass index0.160.25*0.21*0.28†0.09
FEV1 % predicted0.22*−0.07
Prednisolone use−0.24*−0.27†−0.12−0.30†−0.02
Physical activity0.130.110.22*0.27*0.03
Serum corrected calcium−0.16−0.07−0.06−0.08−0.22*
Parathyroid hormone−0.32†0.02−0.23*−0.090.09
Bone specific alkaline phosphatase−0.27*−0.30†−0.20−0.21*−0.29†
Deoxypyridinoline crosslinks0.07−0.26*−0.25*−0.33†−0.29†