Table 2

Demographic data and pulmonary function in infants who wheezed during the first year of life and those who did not

Wheezers (n=30)Non–wheezers (n=39)p value
*Independent t test; †Fisher exact test; ‡χ2 test.
Sex (M:F)15:1519:200.9‡
Mean (range) age at test (days)38.2 (28–55)36.7 (24–50)0.35*
Mean (range) length at test (cm)55.6 (52–60)57.7 (53.2–61)0.06*
Mean (range) weight at test (kg)4.6 (3.6–5.8)4.6 (3.1–5.7)0.56*
Maternal smokers6 (20%)2 (5.1%)0.07†
Maternal asthma12 (40%)20 (51.3%)0.35‡
Mean (SD) V′maxFRC (ml/s)84.0 (45.9)115.2 (57.1)0.017
Mean (SD) size adjusted V′maxFRC (ml/s/cm)*1.51 (0.82)2.03 (1.00)0.025*