Table 2

Health care resource utilisation in the 12 month study period (collected from GP and hospital records)

Health care resourceIntervention groupControl groupχ2(df)p value95% CI for differences between means
n=97−99 for intervention group, 94−100 for control group. While it was possible to collect hospital data for some subjects who had dropped out, it was not always possible to trace a subject's new GP.
*t test.
**Yate's correction.
Mean (SD) GP consultations/subject/year3.87 (3.93)4.13 (3.68)0.63*−1.34 to 0.81
Mean (SD) prescriptions written by GP for asthma/wheeze medications/subject/year4.00 (3.40)3.44 (2.79)0.21*−0.31 to 1.44
No (%) inpatient admissions26 (26%)19 (19%)1.11 (1)0.29**−0.03 to 0.17
No (%) A&E/CAU attendances17 (17%)19 (19%)0.02 (1)0.88**−0.01 to 0.03