Table 2

Differential and total cell counts in BAL fluid from non-smokers, healthy smokers, and patients with COPD

Non-smokersHealthy smokersCOPD patients
Total inflammatory cells is the total number of cells (106/ml) recovered from BAL fluid after a standard 240 ml lavage.
Data are expressed as median (25–75% percentiles). *p<0.01 v COPD patients, †p<0.01 v non-smokers, ‡p<0.01 v healthy smokers, §p<0.05 v non-smokers, ¶p<0.05 v COPD patients, **p<0.05 v healthy smokers.
n14 (8M)24 (14M)23 (15M)
Amount of BAL fluid recovered (ml)106 (93–144)118 (95–144)*92.5 (66–111)
Total inflammatory cells (×103/ml BAL fluid recovered)36.0 (30–46)49.7 (32–71)98.0 (72–149)†‡
Macrophages (%)90 (89–93)95.7 (93–97)§¶90.3 (89–93)
Macrophages (×103/ml BAL fluid recovered)34.6 (25–42)44.3 (28–67)94.8 (63–210)†**
Neutrophils (%)5.0 (4–9)**1.9 (1–4)5.7 (5–18)**
Neutrophils (×103/ml BAL fluid recovered)2.2 (1–5)0.8 (0.3–2)5.9 (4–23)§‡