Table 3

Mean annual decline3-150 in FEV0.75 during the whole 30 years

Smoking status n Mean age (years)3-151 Baseline FEV0.75 (ml)3-152 Decline (ml/year)3-150 p Value
Never10047.6 3412–34.8<0.001
Past at the baseline6246.2 3390 –36.1<0.001
Permanent quitters 96 46.23264–39.8<0.001
Intermittent quitters3247.03549–41.4<0.001
For trend<0.001
  • 3-150 Adjusted for age and baseline pulmonary function. Continuous smokers are reference group.

  • 3-151 At baseline.

  • 3-152 At baseline, adjusted for age and height.