Table 1

Baseline and ICU data for the 74 study patients. Predictors for intubation and hospital mortality on multivariate logistic regression analysis are also shown

NoMean (SD)Median (range)Predictor of intubationPredictor of hospital mortality
FEV1=forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC=forced vital capacity; Pao2, Paco2=arterial oxygen and carbon dioxide tension; Fio2=fractional inspired oxygen; NS=not significant.
Age7465.5 (9.0)65 (46–85)NSNS
Sex (F/M)30/44NSNS
FEV1600.74 (0.34)0.68 (0.20–1.90)p=0.05NS
FVC591.64 (0.68)1.50 (0.50–3.15)NSNS
APACHE II7422 (7)20 (10–41)NSp=0.01
Paco2 (kPa)6812.0 (3.1)11.9 (5.5–20.3)NSp=0.05
pH647.13 (0.13)7.15 (6.77–7.40)NSNS
Pao2(kPa)6812.8 (9.7)9.6 (4.5–62.4)NSNS
Fio2640.37 (0.14)0.36 (0.21–1.0)NSNS
Duration of ICU stay (days)743.6 (3.1)3.0 (1–17)NS
Duration of mechanical ventilation (days)633.2 (3.0)2.0 (1–17)NS
Duration of hospital stay (days)7416 (12.5)12 (2–89)NS