Table 2

Mean annual decline2-150 in FEV0.75 during the first 15 years by smoking status and baseline tertile of FEV0.75 2-151

  • 2-150 Adjusted for age; p<0.001 for smoking, p=0.044 for tertile of baseline FEV0.75, p=0.003 for age, p= 0.018 for duration of smoking, p=0.765 for smoking2-150tertile of FEV0.75 (all ANCOVA).

  • 2-151 Tertile limits are <3019 ml, 3019–3478 ml, and >3478 ml achieved by dividing height adjusted baseline FEV0.75 values of 1007 study subjects into three tertiles.

  • 2-152 Including baseline past smokers and permanent quitters.

  • 2-153 At baseline, adjusted for age and height.