Table 2

Characteristics of users and non-users of inhaled corticosteroids among the 35 399 controls from the full cohort and the 13 636 controls from the hospitalised cohort

Full cohortHospitalised cohort
Regular useIrregular useNon-useRegular useIrregular useNon-use
MDI=metered dose inhaler.
Proportion (%)3.818.677.67.527.265.3
Mean age (years)29.124.822.329.224.421.2
Percentage male56.752.856.749.648.352.8
Time to index date (years)
Hospitalisation during baseline (%)33.829.521.350.646.937.8
Medication use in the previous year (%):
    Oral corticosteroids48.137.210.641.237.911.2
    Inhaled β agonists (>18 MDIs)
    Nebulised β agonists14.918.57.321.823.18.8