Table 1

Characteristics of cases and controls from the full and hospitalised cohorts

Full cohortHospitalised cohort
*To account for case-control matching, all means and percentages for controls are weighted by the inverse of the number of controls in each case-control matched set.
Mean age (years)20.423.221.823.0
Percentage male50.955.948.851.1
Asthma hospital admissions during baseline (mean)0.390.310.780.68
Frequency of matching asthma drugs during the year before the index date (mean)
    Oral corticosteroid prescriptions0.600.570.980.76
    Inhaled β agonist metered dose inhalers6.885.169.247.12
    Nebulised β agonist prescriptions0.500.450.770.56
    Oral β agonist prescriptions1.300.920.950.72
    Theophylline prescriptions1.921.872.131.94