Table 3

Main prognostic factors for readmission within 3 months of admission to study in 1221 patients after excluding 139 inapplicable (including dead) and 13 not known

No of patientsNo readmitted% readmittedRelative risk95% CI
FEV1=forced expiratory volume in 1 second; NK=not known. *Lower, middle and upper thirds of FEV1 values in litres derived separately for men (lower ≤0.75, middle 0.76–1.16, upper >1.6) and women (lower ≤0.60, middle 0.61–0.89, upper >0.89).
Background and history:
First time COPD or readmission
    First time3566117.11.0
    Readmission80234142.52.52.0 to 3.2
FEV1 tertiles*
    Lower third22310446.61.81.4 to 2.3
    Middle third2028441.61.61.2 to 2.1
    Upper third2256026.71.0
FEV1 % predicted (tertiles)
    Lower third <28.8%1436344.11.61.2 to 2.2
    Middle third 28.9–44.8%1626842.01.51.1 to 2.1
    Upper third >44.8%1544327.91.0
Performance status
    Normal activity1012120.81.0
    Strenuous activity limited1383323.91.20.7 to 1.9
    Limited but self-care38814537.41.81.2 to 2.7
    Limited self-care31413141.72.01.3 to 3.0
    Bed care, no self-care27933.31.60.8 to 3.1
Known medications on admission
    2–482228334.41.91.4 to 2.5
    5+1899550.32.72.0 to 3.7
On discharge:
Discharge medication: home nebuliser
    Yes50522544.61.71.4 to 1.9