Table 1

Kappa values of agreement between the seven experts who completed 24 records

Kappa score (2 groups)Kappa score (4 groups)
Values are median (interquartile range).
Kappa values of agreement are shown for two groups (negative and positive) and for four groups corresponding to clinical probabilities of negative, possible, probable, and positive.
All work-rest-work and rest-work-rest periods (n=159)0.840.70
(0.48 to 0.87)(0.48 to 0.74)
Whole record: occupational effect (n=24)0.830.62
(0.76 to 0.88)(0.46 to 0.71)
Whole record: “asthma” (n=24)0.580.42
(0.42 to 0.65)(0.24 to 0.50)