Table 3

Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics of study subjects

FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC = forced vital capacity; AQLQ = asthma related quality of life questionnaire; CAS = combined asthma score; PD20FEV1 = dose of methacholine provoking a fall in FEV1 of 20% or more. *Subjects who had outcome assessments performed at the end of the treatment period. †Daily dose of inhaled steroids in beclomethasone μg equivalents. These were calculated on the assumption that beclomethasone 2000 μg = budesonide 1600 μg = fluticasone 1000 μg. ‡Median values.
Mean age (years)36373637
Female (n)14111715
Ex-smokers (n)1071110
Duration of asthma (years)25252222
Mean inhaled steroid dose (μg)†2458227419271918
Mean FEV1 (% predicted)75%76%76%73%
Mean FEV1/FVC ratio0.700.710.750.74
Mean AQLQ Total score1.
Mean AQLQ Breathlessness score1.
Mean AQLQ Mood score 1.7
Mean AQLQ Social score 1.4
Mean AQLQ Concerns score1.
Mean morning peak flow369372365363
Peak flow (low % high)76% 77% 72% 70%
CAS‡ (max 12)10101010
PD20FEV1 (μmol)1.20 (n = 22)1.51 (n = 16)1.21 (n = 22)1.29 (n = 19)