Table 4

Risk factors associated with airway colonisation by PPMs

p ValueOR (CI)
OR=odds ratio; CI=confidence interval. OR is shown only in variables which were significant on univariate analysis.
*Corticosteroid treatment included patients with both inhaled or oral corticosteroid treatment. NS=not significant.
Univariate analysis
    Smoking statusNS
    Chronic expectoration0.0063.92 (1.44 to 10.62)
    Early diagnosis0.0024.40 (1.66 to 11.65)
    Type of bronchiectasis0.0075.57 (1.43 to 21.14)
    HRCT score (%)NS
    Inflammatory infiltrates (CT scan)NS
    Sinusitis (CT scan)0.0254.40 (1.15 to 16.81)
    FEV1 <80% predicted0.0015.47 (1.97 to 15.12)
    Corticosteroid treatment*NS
Multivariate analysis
    Diagnosis (before and after 14 years)3.92 (1.29 to 11.95)
    FEV1 <80% predicted3.91 (1.30 to 11.78)
    Type of bronchiectasis4.80 (1.11 to 21.46)