Table 2

Characteristics of excluded studies

Study Reason for exclusion
Allen (1998)17 Not inpatients (delivered at outpatient clinic)
BTS (1983)18 Inpatient and outpatient data not reported separately
Burt (1974)19 Not randomised
Colby (1998)20 Short follow up (3 months). Only investigated adolescent smokers
Dale (1995)21 Not inpatients (some participants admitted to inpatients unit for smoking intervention)
Gritz (1993)22 Not inpatients (only recruitment carried out in hospital setting)
Johnson (1999)23 Not randomised
Meenan (1998)24 Not randomised
Schmitz (1999)25 No control/usual care group
Strecher (1985)26 Not randomised
Wewers (1994)27 Short follow up (5 weeks)