Table 4

Relationship of 30 year cumulative incidence of fracture, cataract, ever and current bruising, and muscle weakness with total cumulative corticosteroid dose quartiles

Corticosteroid quartile
AnalysisOROR95%CIOR95% CIOR95% CIp trend
All fractureUV1.
MV1.01.960.95 to to to 4.80.04
MV1.01.40.31 to 6.741.06 to 159.22.4 to 36<0.001
MV1.06.31.23 to 335.91.14 to 315.40.94 to 310.1
2 or more fracturesUV1.
MV1.01.90.61 to to to 12<0.01
MV1.00.90.36 to to to 7.50.002
MV1.02.21.03 to to to 25<0.001
Muscle weaknessUV1.
MV1.01.50.79 to 32.51.2 to 53.31.5 to 7<0.001
  • Odds ratios are given using multiple logistic regression analysis in relation to the first quartile in a univariate (UV) and multivariate (MV) analysis with 95% confidence intervals for the latter.