Table 2

Annual changes in treatment of exacerbations with oral steroids and antibiotics

Exponentiated regression coefficient*95% CIp valueNo of exacerbationsNo of subjects†
*The regression coefficient is of the form eb and is the odds ratio (OR) giving the relative amount by which the odds of the outcome increase (OR >1) or decrease (OR <1) when the independent variable time is increased by 1 year.
†Data were not available on all 109 patients as records of medication were only kept from November 1996 and not all patients had exacerbations.
Odds ratio
Oral steroids (infrequent exacerbators)0.890.59 to 1.350.58916549
Oral steroids (frequent exacerbators)1.200.90 to 1.600.20839645
Antibiotics (infrequent exacerbators)0.870.61 to 1.260.47716549
Antibiotics (frequent exacerbators)1.1060.87 to 1.410.41839645