Table 1

Characteristics of subjects with reported exposure to home dampness1-150 and those without home dampness

Reported home dampness1-150 (%) No home
dampness (%)
p value
2 test)
Parental education
 Ex-smoker 3.63.5
 Current smoker15.115.20.969
Passive smoking9.68.30.092
Wall to wall carpets12.39.20.001
Heating system
 Central heating72.674.30.142
 Electrical heating21.718.00.001
 Wood stove heating8.67.40.107
Household members
 Living alone5.76.8
 1–4 persons66.467.8
 5 or more persons27.925.40.048
Place of residence
 Rural non-farm9.98.00.034
Type of residence
 One family or terraced house53.949.8
 Block of flats45.550.10.001
  • 1-150 Reported visible mould or damp stains or water damage in the home within last year.