Table 4

Relation of BHR, in approximate doubling dose units of PD20, to body mass index, estimated by random effects meta-analysis of regression coefficients across 34 centres. All analyses adjusted for independent variables as described in text

Body mass index in modelEstimate95% CIEstimate95% CI
As continuous variable−0.031−0.050 to −0.011−0.016−0.037 to 0.005
As categorical variable
    Underweight <200.016−0.232 to 0.2640.165−0.008 to 0.338
    Normal weight 20–<25 (reference group)00
    Overweight 25–<30−0.081−0.213 to 0.051−0.170−0.363 to 0.023
    Obese 30+−0.327−0.591 to −0.0630.044−0.255 to 0.344