Table 4

Height as a predictor of lung function parameters for girls and boys given as the results of the crude linear regression analyses Y = β0 + β1h where h = height (cm) and Y = one of the lung volume measures (FEV0.5, FEV1, FVC and PEF). Slope β1 represents the change per cm height

Lung volume measureIntercept β0Slope β1 (SE)SDR2
FEV1, FEV0.5=forced expiratory volume in 1 or 0.5 seconds; FVC=forced vital capacity; PEF=peak expiratory flow.
FEV0.5 (l)–1.170.0192 (0.0011)0.140.53
FEV1 (l)–1.660.0251 (0.0013)0.170.55
FVC (l)–1.930.0279 (0.0015)0.190.53
PEF (l/s)–3.720.0589 (0.0040)0.500.43
FEV0.5 (l)–1.350.0210 (0.0010)0.150.57
FEV1 (l)–2.110.0295 (0.0009)0.180.63
FVC (l)–2.520.0337 (0.0015)0.200.63
PEF (l/s)–4.040.0620 (0.0035)0.490.50