Table 2

Subjects with post-transplant lung disease and/or relevant respiratory histories: clinical details and cytokine production status

High cytokine production?2-150
Subject noPost-transplant lung disease (days after SCT)Respiratory history (time before B1)TNFαGM-CSF
6Hypoxia, collapsed middle lobe (day 7)Asthma, inhaled corticosteroids, recent mild exacerbation (3 weeks)YesYes
7Pulmonary oedema, then pneumonia,Stenotrophomonas maltophila isolated; fatal (day 14)Current smokerYesYes
9 Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia, adult respiratory distress syndrome; fatal (day 10)Chest infection (5 months)YesYes
10Pneumonia,Candida albicans in BAL fluid (day 18)NoneYesYes
12NoneCough, green sputum (1 week)NoNo
19Hypoxia, right basal consolidation (day 18)Current smoker; pneumonia (2 years) NoYes
21 Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia (day 10)NoneNoNo
22Breathlessness, fever, perihilar radiographic opacification (day 166)Current smokerYesYes
24Cough, fever, bibasal radiographic opacification (day 68)Chest infection (13 months) NoNo
28Cough, hypoxia, patchy radiographic opacification (day 0)Dry cough (2 weeks)YesYes
30NoneCurrent smokerNoYes
36NoneAsthma, low dose inhaled steroidsNoNo
40NoneSelf-limiting dry cough (1 week)NoNo
45NoneUntreated childhood TB, abnormal chest radiographNoNo
47NoneCurrent smokerNoNo
49Fever, hypoxia, bibasal consolidation (day 13)Pneumonia (5 months) NANA
52Hypoxia, diffuse radiographic opacification, recovery with corticosteroids (day 7)Current smokerNoNo
54NonePulmonary vasculitis (3 years, recurrent at 9 months)NoNo
  • 2-150 Pre-SCT (B1) AM cytokine production: TNFα >7 ng/106AM, GM-CSF >2 ng/106AM.

  • NA = not available.