Table 3

Clinical features of patients with rheumatoid arthritis with and without fibrosing alveolitis (FA)

Clinical feature FA (n=28) No FA (n=122) p Value (χ2 test)
Subcutaneous nodules18650.4
Dyspnoea: NYHA grade II15690.84
Dyspnoea: NYHA grade III580.07
Productive cough13440.39
Never smoked5400.17
Finger clubbing5110.182
Bibasal crackles1511<0.001
CXR diagnostic of FA460.09
Restrictive PFTs450.06
Rheumatoid factor positive25910.13
  • NYHA = New York Health Association grading of dyspnoea; CXR = chest radiograph; PFT = pulmonary function test.