Table 3

Characteristics of control (C) and wine sensitive (W) asthmatic subjects (study 2)

Patient no Sex Age (years) Skin prick positive Asthma medications 3-1 History of wine sensitivity3-2 Baseline FEV1(l) Baseline FEV1 (% pred)
C3M33Yba, bcNA4.99116.3
C4F20Yba, bcNA2.99100.3
W13-150 F32Ybared, wh, champ3.18104.6
W23-150 F25Ybared, wh2.4063.7
W33-150 F27Yba, bcred, wh3.86108.4
W4F51Yba, bu, smred, wh2.4394.9
W5F32Ybawh, champ2.8686.1
W6F53Yba, bcred, wh2.4885.2
W7F39Ybared, wh, champ3.0487.9
W8F56Ybared, wh, champ2.56103.2
W9F46Yba, fl, smwh1.9971.8
W10F37Yba, bured, wh1.9171.3
W11F33Yba, bcwh2.2373.1
W12F47Yba, bured, wh1.8177.0
  • FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in one second; % pred = percentage of predicted value.

  • 3-1 ba = β2 adrenoceptor agonists; bc = beclomethasone; bu = budesonide; fl = flixotide; cr = cromoglycate; sm = salmeterol; ip = ipratropium bromide; th = theophylline.

  • 3-2 red = red wine; wh = white wine; champ = champagne; ch = cheap wine.

  • 3-150 Subjects responding to single dose high sulfite wine challenge in study 1 (subjects W1, W2 and W3 were subjects 4, 18

  • and 2, respectively, in study 1).