Table 1

Patient details and history (study 1)

Patient no. Sex Age (years) Asthma medications1-1 History of wine sensitivity1-2 Sulfite sensitive history1-3 Baseline FEV1 (l) Baseline FEV1 (% pred) Positive high sulfite challenge
1F30bachamp, whY2.5876.6N
2F26ba, bcred, wh,chY3.5399.4Y
3F52bared, wh, champ, chY2.1374.5N
4F31bared, wh, champY3.1897.8Y
5F28ba, bured, whN3.2297.2N
6M30bawh, chN4.81106.7N
7F28bared, wh, champN3.26105.2N
9F30bared, wh, champ, chN3.81108.2N
10F53ba, bcred, whN2.56944.5N1-4
11M43ba, sm, bcred, whN3.6595.5N
12F27ba, bured, wh, champY1.8561.6Y
13F44ba, bc, smwh, champY2.2480.0N
14F54bared, wh, champ, chY2.5197.7N
15F45ba, bcred, wh, champY2.1284.8N
16M35ba, bured, whN3.4884.9N
17F46ba, bured, wh, chN1.9086.4N
18F24bared, wh, chY2.7370.0Y
19F48ba, bcwhN2.1084.0N
20F60ba, bc, thwh, chN1.6365.2N1-4
21F38bawh, champ, chN2.8681.7N
22F30ba, bcwhN2.5680.0N
23F41bawh, chN1.9170.7N
24F40ba, thwh, chN1.4460.0ND1-5
  • FEV1 = forced expiratory volume in one second; % pred = percentage of predicted value; ND = not studied.

  • 1-1 ba = β2 adrenoceptor agonists; bc = beclomethasone; bu = budesonide; cr = cromoglycate; sm = salmeterol; ip = ipratropium bromide; th =theophylline.

  • 1-2 red = red wine; wh = white wine; champ = champagne; ch = cheap wine.

  • 1-3 Patients presenting with a history suggestive of a sensitivity to sulfite additives.

  • 1-4 Patients exhibiting a positive response to both high sulfite and sulfite-free wine challenge.

  • 1-5 Patient not studied, minimum lung function criteria not met.