Table 4

Outcome at 5 years of treatment of M malmoense, MAC, and M xenopi for 2 years with RE or REH

Outcome M malmoense (n=106) MAC
M xenopi
All 3 species (n=223) p value4-150
Deviated from protocol25%19%19%22%0.51
Died (all causes)25%31%57%33%0.001
Died because of mycobacteria 4% 4% 7% 4%0.65
Failure of treatment or relapse10%28%12%17%0.004
Alive and cured42%31%17%33%0.015
  • 4-150 The percentages in each column do not add up to 100% because some patients fell into more than one category. An overall significance test is therefore not possible and for each row the χ2significance test compares the three percentages.