Table 3

Mean (SD) values of the haemodynamic parameters at baseline and after 1 year NMV in patients with thoracic restriction (group A) and patients with COPD (group B)

  • PAP = pulmonary arterial pressure; PCW = pulmonary wedge pressure; PVRI = pulmonary vascular resistance index.

  • 3-150 Mean change in haemodynamic parameters (95% confidence interval, CI) from baseline to 1 year NMV (3-150p<0.05,

  • 3-160 p<0.01, Wilcoxon test).

  • 3-159 Comparison of the values before and at the end of maximal load (max) (3-159p<0.05,

  • 3-169 p<0.001, Wilcoxon test).