Table 4

Pathogens isolated with the different techniques employed in respiratory samples4-150

Pathogens NPW (n=50) Sputum (n=88) FBAS (n=28) TBAS (n=55) PSB (n=125) BAL (n=135) Total pathogens isolated
Gram positive
S aureus 76781117
S pneumoniae 31313
E fecalis 1112
N asteroides 22
Gram negative
P aeruginosa 6262411
S marcescens 1122
A baumanii 1133
C freundii 11
M morganii 11
E coli 211
S maltophilia 111
H influenzae 1111
K pneumoniae 11
L pneumophila 112
A fumigatus 7312101230
A flavus 11
A niger 11
C albicans 225668
C tropicalis 11
C glabrata 11
P purpurogenum 12
S prolificans 1112
 Influenza A virus588
 Parainfluenzae virus type 322
P carinii 44
 M tuberculosis 2115
  • NPW = nasopharyngeal wash; FBAS = fibrobronchial aspirate; TBAS = tracheobronchial aspirate; PSB = protected specimen brush; BAL = bronchoalveolar lavage; RSV = respiratory syncytial virus; VHS-1 = virus herpes simplex-1.

  • 4-150 Some organisms were simultaneously isolated with more than one technique and some of these techniques (FBAS, TBAS, PSB, and BAL) allowed the identification of more than one organism.