Table 2

Demographic and case mix characteristics (n=3855)

Characteristic No %
Age group (years)
Carstairs deprivation quintiles
 1 (least deprived)53313.8
 5 (most deprived)103426.8
Clinical extent of disease
 Regional spread97625.3
 Distant spread120431.2
 Not known42311.0
Microscopically verified
 Histologically verified208154.0
 Cytology only77520.1
 Not microscopically verified99925.9
Morphology of tumour2-150
 Squamous cell carcinoma110638.7
 Small cell carcinoma67823.7
 Other2-151 40814.3
 Not recorded/not known1073.7
  • 2-150 Percentages for morphology of tumour are for those having microscopic verification (74.1%).

  • 2-151 Undifferentiated non-small cell carcinoma, large cell carcinoma, mixed histology, or other histology.