Table 1

Derivation of the study population

No of cases
Held by the Scottish Cancer Registry1-150 4465
Ineligible cases
 Diagnosis >3 months outside 1995102
 Diagnosed and treated outside Scotland13
 Not primary cancer of the lung79
 Incidental finding at necropsy28
 Ineligible for other reasons18
 Total ineligible240
Eligible (or potentially eligible) cases4225
Cases with inadequate/unavailable records
 Insufficient information available38
 Medical records destroyed89
 Medical records not located243
 Total with inadequate or unavailable records 3701-151
Study population1-152 3855
  • 1-150 At the time of commencement of the study.

  • 1-151 102 of these cases had been registered on the basis of information from death certificates only.

  • 1-152 91.2% of eligible (or potentially eligible) cases.