Table 1

Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies used in the study

Anti-ERRabbitPolyclonalAll ER hormone binding sites in human tissue1:250SINO American Biotechnology
Anti-PRRabbitPolyclonalAll PR hormone binding sites in human tissue1:200SINO American Biotechnology
AER311 (anti-ER)MouseMonoclonalA defined epitope located between amino acids 495 and 595 of the ER hormone binding subunit1:100SeroTec
AA1 (anti-mast cell)MouseMonoclonalSpecific for human mast cell tryptase1:100Dako
IF6 (anti-CD4)MouseMonoclonalBinds only to the helper/inducer subpopulation of human T cells1:100Novocastra
C8/144B (anti-CD8)MouseMonoclonalBinds only to the suppressor/cytotoxic subpopulation of human T cells1:100 Dako
PG-M1 (anti-CD68)MouseMonoclonalSpecific for human monocytes and macrophages but not myeloid1:100Dako